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How Exercise Can Improve Your Brain Function

Regular exercise and physical fitness has been linked to health benefits for centuries. Some of the major benefits that regular exercise and fitness brings are of course – weight management, reduction in heart disease, preventing depression and the list goes on and on… Exercise does not only improve physical health but it is also very […]

The Vision

The purpose of this blog is to be able to connect with the people out there that share the same mindset. Being 23-years old might seem hard for some out there, but I rarely feel this way. A lot of my peers usually struggle with making decisions about their future, they tend to find themselves […]

My Changes

Becoming a stronger version of myself which has resulted in my body transformation has indeed influenced the changes of my mindset as well. Fitness has changed my life and me completely. And it’s funny because I am still trying to get acquainted with all the new things that have recently appeared in my life. My life […]

A New Start

What’s happening guys? Praying Mantas, back with you again… With another… Video… BLOG POST! So, it’s a brand new start for me. I’m writing my first blog post on my official website –