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How To Choose a Career Path

It seems like people often struggle with finding a solution to their future career path. School and education are often portrayed as ‘the guarantee’ for a good life. Well, for some only to the extent of survival, not all the jobs pay the same. It’s a shame that we live in such system, where we often need to do things we don’t want to or undertake the jobs that bring no satisfaction into our lives whatsoever. However, we can always play by our own rules and choose our own career path. Perhaps, you wonder how? Let’s begin, shall we?

Finding the purpose

life think purpose career path education school college university work job profession

Life without goals and purpose often feels very dull and empty. What is the reason living for, when you have no desire to create, achieve and excel? If you leave no room and rather no opportunity for prosperity in life, then you are probably questioning yourself – What am I living for?

You have to understand that life is a gift. Keep in mind, that once upon a time, you were only a cell, yet you have managed to develop into a human being, able to think, feel, love, express yourself and live. Life is a miracle, you are a miracle, you have all the power in achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Some people become doctors, lawyers, musicians or even bus drivers and construction workers. Each job perhaps sounds not very interesting to you, but these are the jobs that give people joy. Of course, some people choose their jobs due to the influence of their parents, peers or even their environment. Media has a high chance of influencing one’s career path as well. It’s the matter of – what is your true desire in life.

Don’t be afraid to think about your career

life think purpose career path education school college university work job profession

Thinking is probably one of the hardest tasks to do. Don’t be afraid of telling your parents that you are still thinking of what you want to do in life, there is nothing wrong with that. But, you have to understand that when you say it, you must mean it, rather than having it as an excuse for being lazy.

Of course, your parents would be much more proud of being able to tell their colleagues or friends that their child is studying law and will become a lawyer or has finished their medical studies and will proceed in becoming a doctor. These are the career choices that often have the highest pay, require enormous amounts of hours of studying and stress, are very demanding and also quite competitive.

So, when your parents are asked ‘what does your child do?’, do you really think they want to answer with – ‘they are still thinking what they want to do’?

Thinking, what you want to do in life, brings no value to your parents or anyone else, but you. As a matter of fact, thoughts are being portrayed as a void in society, it is often related to ‘time wasting’. Your parents don’t want to tell their colleagues that their child is simply just ‘wasting their time’. They want to feel proud. They want their child to go to the top of the hierarchy and have the best career that there is. It would definitely make them feel proud in front of other people way more, rather than answering with something that brings no value. Because your parents care what other people think of them. And that brings us back to the feeling of importance. Everyone wants to feel important, from parents to CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies. Everyone.

So, you choose what your parents tell you to do? NO.

You, carry on thinking. Actually, think even more, train yourself to have an ability to think. Have your own space where you are able to think with no distractions what so ever. If your parents or even friends will tell you that ‘thinking is a waste of time’, then simply ask them to think for themselves. Ask them to sit down and think, for 8 hours a day. Without any distractions, no phones, no social media, no computers or anything else, just you, by yourself. I’m sure 99,9% of the people you encounter would quit after around 30 minutes.

That is why we have jobs, that are already created for you, so you won’t need to think. We live in the world nowadays, where everything is pretty much done for you. People live so comfortably, they don’t even have an opportunity to face challenges and when the life hits them, they get depressed, simply because of the lack of experience.

THINKING IS MUCH HARDER THAN WORKING. Remember this. So whenever someone asks you ‘what do you want to do in life?’, don’t be afraid of telling them that you are still thinking and if they try to ridicule you or shame you, ask them to do it themselves. People often tend to talk the talk, but not always walk the walk. At the end of the day, it’s the choice you will have to live for the rest of your life, so don’t be afraid of making decisions.

Master yourself

life think purpose career path education school college university work job profession

Think about what are your strengths. Maybe you enjoy arts, sports, music, reading, writing or maths? Try and discover your strengths and emphasise on them. Master your strengths and soon you will become self-mastery. As long as your strengths are something that drives you for excellence and prosperity, you should only focus on them.

People often don’t understand their true capabilities until they’re exposed to different activities. Try out different hobbies. If you are at university or any other educational institution, try different societies or classes that your educational institution might offer. You have to try out as many things as I can, until you will find something that certainly just ‘clicks’ with you.

There are a lot of career tests online, that might help you, try them out and see what might interest you. By having done a career test, you would at least know where to direct your focus and what things you could be trying, in order to discover whether it actually interests you or not. You can take a simple career test on this website right here.

Do it for fun

life think purpose career path education school college university work job profession

So, after you have made a decision for your career path, it is time for you to start the journey. Perhaps, you will need to have an education for it, maybe acquire a degree or undertake some courses, whatever it may be, you will need to learn something about the path you want to take. Self-taught can also be made. I know a lot of people who have learned playing musical instruments by themselves. We are very lucky to be living in the age of information that can be accessed in a matter of seconds. Everything has become on-demand, unfortunately choosing a career path can be difficult.

Learning can be difficult because people don’t learn things at the same rate. Yet, there are so many different learning styles, people often might hold even several. You can read more about different learning styles in this article.

Do it as long as you are having fun. Perhaps, you are thinking that studying and working is supposed to be intense and hard? You are only allowed to enjoy yourself after work? If you think like that, then you are risking of developing depression and other mental disorders very soon.

Just think (I think I have emphasised thinking more than enough), would you rather be stressing yourself or having a good time? Personally, I would go for the latter. Life in general, is all about having fun. There is a quote that I keep telling to almost all of my friends ‘If you do something you enjoy doing, you will not have to work a single day in your life’. How can you simply treat your passion or hobby as a chore or a job? Pay, is just an extra that comes with it. You are literally getting paid for having fun! Isn’t that great?

That is the approach you should be having to your career path. Do it as long as it’s fun.

Having fun and laughter will help you to prevent a lot of illnesses and keep you cheerful and in harmony. At the end of the day, we all want to live happy lives and by living it in the best quality, you can only enjoy yourself.

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  1. Great content. You make some valid points about how and why we should think for ourselves. I think young people trying to figure out what they want to do in their life would find your page very inspiring. good job

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