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Get Fit With Fit Coffee

I have always been a coffee lover and I have tried many types of coffee in my life. Coffee for me, is something I would start my day with. There is nothing better than morning, with your favorite cup of coffee, right? What if I told you that some adjustments to your coffee can actually be beneficial to your health? Let’s begin, shall we?


What is fit coffee?

Fit coffee a.k.a (as known as) Bulletproof coffee is a combination of normal brewed coffee and fats. Now you’re probably questioning yourself “So I’m just going to dash some fats into my coffee and I’m done?”. Well, not really.

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The original founder of Bulletproof coffee Dave Asprey, has been the first one to invent the name for such coffee. The coffee beans that are used for the original bulletproof coffee are grown at high altitudes and are tested for mold and other performance-disrupting toxins, delivering a fresh taste and boosting performance. These coffee beans are usually sold already blended, so the packet contains grounded coffee beans.

You have probably been questioning yourself already, whether you need to purchase these particular coffee beans? I am going to be honest with you and say that I haven’t tried these particular coffee beans, since I have been getting significant effect from normal coffee beans. I usually use coffee beans of my own preference, since I like my coffee strong, I usually go for stronger roasted coffee beans.

You can purchase any coffee beans in order to prepare your bulletproof coffee or you can buy already grinded coffee beans. You can buy them from any supermarket, just head to a coffee section and choose your preferred type of coffee, that’s it!


What if you haven’t tried coffee before?

Well, you will need to experiment on this occasion.

In order to avoid purchasing the whole bag of coffee beans, just go to your local Starbucks or any coffee shop and grab yourself a cup of coffee. See for yourself, whether you will enjoy the taste and smell of that coffee and then proceed in asking the Barista about the coffee beans that have been used to prepare your coffee.

Apart from that, you can try and gamble and purchase any bag of ground coffee and try it out!

If you decide to prepare your coffee from the scratch and grind the coffee beans yourself, you will probably need to get your hands on a coffee grinder. You can GET Ninja Coffee Bar Stainless Steel Safety Lock Push-Button Bean Grinder on Amazon and proceed to the ritual of making the coffee from scratch!

The ingredients of Fit Coffee are very simple:

  • Ground Coffee
  • MCT Oil
  • Butter

Wait… What Oil?? And… Butter? Really?

You are probably thinking that I have just killed the whole excitement with those two last ingredients, but… MCT Oil and Butter are actually the two ingredients that make the Fit Coffee so unique.

Are you still wondering, why these two ingredients? Let me explain.

coconut mct oil


It is a type of fatty acid (Medium-chain triglycerides) and it simply works like carbohydrates, providing you with enough energy ‘on-demand’. The reason why MCT Oil is better than Coconut Oil, because Coconut Oil doesn’t contain as much MCT Oil and the rest of it are just saturated fats.

MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil contains around 60% of MCT Oil and the rest are saturated fats. C8 MCT (Caprylic Acid) and C10 (Capric Acid) are the two main forms of MCT that are used to convert the calories obtained from oil into the energy. These amounts are very small in Coconut Oils, that’s why it is suggested to use MCT Oil, when quick caloric conversion into energy is desired.


Benefits of MCT Oil

  • Weight loss

Since liver converts MCT Oil into energy directly, without having to process it, it cannot be stored in the body as fat. One medical study suggests that supplementation of MCT Oil during the weight-loss plan has showed significantly better results in comparison with olive oil. The subjects had their total fat mass and especially the fat around the waistline lower, than the subjects consuming olive oil. Another study has suggested that consuming MCT Oil, increases the heat production in the body, which results in more calorie demand, therefore it allows burning more calories.


  • Better cognitive function

One study suggests that Medium-chain triglyceride ingestion has improved cognition of the subjects during hypoglycemia (when sugar levels are too low). MCT Oil has got an advantage of preserving the brain function whilst under hypoglycemia.

Personally, I have been supplementing with MCT Oil for a while now and I can honestly say, that my brain function, learning abilities and concentration have also improved. I usually use MCT Oil with my Fit Coffee in the morning and sometimes pour it over salad during my meals.


  • Preserves muscle mass during weight loss

Supplementation with MCT Oil can help to preserve muscle mass during weight loss periods. Since, weight loss is very catabolic and it requires consuming less calories than you actually burn, you always risk of burning off some of the muscle mass, you have previously built. One study suggests that the group, supplementing with MCT Oil have had their body weight decreased in two weeks, in comparison with the group on a higher carb diet and the group supplementing with LCT (Long-chain triglycerides). In addition, the group supplementing with MCT had the lowest reduction of FFM (Fat-free mass) from all the groups.

mct oil

There are way much more benefits that supplementation with MCT Oil can provide, including:

  • Stable energy levels
  • Reduced hunger levels
  • Stable sugar levels…

The benefits, coming from MCT Oil are enormous and they can all be contributed towards your health, just with a cup of a morning coffee.

If you cannot find MCT Oil, it can also be purchased in powder form, providing you with the same benefits.

grass fed butter


For decades, nutritionists and physicians have been debating and arguing about butter. There have been many medical studies carried out towards this subject and yet, the final decision has not been made.

I mean, let’s keep it simple here. Anything in over-consumption can be harmful for you. Even too much water, can put a lot of stress on your kidneys, which can then cause a kidney failure. The same goes to butter. Too much butter will obviously be harmful.

The best type of butter I would recommend going for is Grass-Fed butter.

The reason for that is, Grass-fed butter comes from grass-fed cows, which will result in butter being organic and will contain more vitamins and other micro-nutrients.

Normal butter vs Grass-fed butter

You have probably been wondering whether you should go for normal butter from grain-fed cows or you should choose grass-fed butter and if so, what are the differences between the two anyway?

One study suggests that butter from grass-fed cows contains much more vitamins and minerals, that can be found in dairy products than standard, grain-fed butter. Also, grass-fed butter has been shown to have a higher amount of fatty acids, especially CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid).

In comparison, we can say that grass-fed butter has got more benefits than standard butter, consisting of higher amounts of micronutrients and vitamins. Grass-fed butter also contains more anti-inflammatory properties and is simply a much healthier choice than standard butter.


Benefits of Grass-fed butter

  • Good source of Vitamin A.

Our bodies can only have a healthy functioning if they are provided with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Our bodies are being repaired constantly and this process is even more intense whilst we rest. Vitamins help us to stay healthy and live healthy lives, avoid getting sick and other health problems. Vitamin A plays a big part in strengthening skin, skeletal muscle, bones and also teeth. It is also responsible for improving one’s vision! It is essential vitamin to have in order to strengthen your body and your immune system.


  • Energy boosting properties

Since, butter contains short and medium chain triglycerides (fatty acids), they are instantly converted into energy by the liver, providing enough energy to carry out tasks or complete your workouts. The energy that is obtained from short and medium chain fatty acids doesn’t spike insulin levels, since there are no carbohydrates, so even after you eat a larger meal that contains such fatty acids, you will not feel sleepy and sluggish instantly, the energy will be released at the steady pace.


  • Appetite suppression

This is another property that is not only related to butter but also to MCT Oil, thanks to the advantages of the medium-chain triglycerides. Since, calories obtained from fats are a bit longer to digest and in comparison with carbohydrates, fats contain twice as much calories per gram (1g of Carbs = 4kcal ; 1g of Fats = 9kcal), the energy that is obtained from the calories in fats, will be released at slower pace and due to its slow digestion properties, will make you feel fuller for  a longer time.


  • Rich in cholesterol

Now, you have probably heard that cholesterol is VERY BAD for you and you should avoid it at any circumstance, however that is not actually true. You should understand that YOUR BODY NEEDS CHOLESTEROL and it has also been proven by science in many occasions. Cholesterol helps your body’s cellular function, has got cognitive advantages as well, helps your brain to function properly and most importantly, keeps your hormonal functioning in check and if you are into fitness and weightlifting or you are just concerned about your hormones – Testosterone to be exact, then cholesterol is definitely for you, since it is the major factor for the increase of testosterone. Cholesterol can help to prevent diseases such as cancer, help to fight depression and also anxiety. Cholesterol is the main precursor to Vitamin D which is responsible for strengthening your bones, skin, helping your body hormones and also reduction in the rate of aging. One study shows that pregnant women, who have low levels of cholesterol have a higher risk of delivering the baby prematurely or having a baby born with lower weight.

There are numerous advantages that cholesterol can provide, more information can be found on this article.

So.. are you still wondering that butter is actually bad for you? I have heard so many people talking to me about the dangers of butter, dangers of fats in general and them being the main factor of a heart disease. However, whenever I ask those people ‘What makes you think like that?’, they can’t really come up with an answer which they can support, simply because it has become a common sense for them, which however is not true.


Benefits of CLA

CLA is a Conjugated Liloleic Acid that can be found in dairy and also other foods. It is related to Omega-6 fatty acids that can help to increase metabolism and provide other health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and also help to strengthen the immune system.

There are two types of essential fatty acids; Omega-3 and Omega-6. These are the two fatty acids that cannot be produced by the human body, therefore it is essential to supplement and consume foods that are rich in these particular fatty acids in order to receive the health benefits they provide.

CLA helps to reduce body fat by increasing the metabolic rate and also prevent the fat cells from expanding. Since, it is easy for your body to generate new fat cells, however it is very hard to lose them, almost impossible, it is important to keep the fat cells from expanding and by keeping them shrunk, you will allow yourself to look fit and healthy.

One study suggests that people who supplemented themselves with CLA (approx. 3.2g/day), have had body fat decreased, which means that CLA contributes to fat loss, even without exercising.

Another study suggested that CLA supplementation in overweight humans for 1 year have also helped to reduce body fat mass.

CLA in Fitness

Weight training and CLA can go hand in hand. If fitness, muscle building and endurance are your targets, it can be a very beneficial supplement for you. CLA has got benefits for bodybuilders as well. 24 novice bodybuilders have been supplementing with CLA every day and after 6 weeks of training, the skin-fold arm girth, leg press and body mass were increased, when compared to the group who were on placebo. The group, supplementing with CLA have had their strength and catabolic/anabolic status’ improved as well.

If you are struggling to get enough CLA from foods, you can always supplement yourself with it. You can purchase CLA from any supplement store.

bulletproof coffee fit coffee

Preparing the Fit Coffee

Preparation process is very simple, since it only takes 3 ingredients and a few kitchen appliances to fulfil the morning ritual.

Kitchen appliances I personally use:


  • 10g (1tbsp) of MCT Oil
  • 10g (1tbsp) of Butter
  • Coffee


Brew your fit coffee by either using a coffee machine or by simply brewing in a cup. Add 10g of MCT Oil and 10g of Butter and then stir it up.

If you want your fit coffee to appear just like a latte, you can use a hand blender or a jug blender if you want to prepare a bit more coffee for more people. By stirring the fit coffee with a spoon, the oil will end up covering the surface, so whenever you drink it, you will taste the oil first. However, if you blend it with either a jug blender or a hand blender, oil and butter will mix with the coffee and end up looking just like a cup of latte.


Food for thought

Common sense is something that is accepted by our society, due to multiple agreements on one subject, however common sense is not always true. Some people tend to agree on something if they see or hear multiple people agreeing on one subject, by simply being afraid of losing social acceptance. Let’s admit, everybody wants to be socially accepted and treated like a part of society, that’s why people tend to do things that everybody does; work 9-5, play mainstream sports, listen to mainstream music, follow mainstream diets and nutrition plans (veganism, paleo, etc.) only because it gives them sort of a label, so they will belong to a certain group in the society.

Fit Coffee, packed with fats and containing the evil ingredient CHOLESTEROL would not be accepted by a wide range of people and it’s not really their fault, you can’t really blame them for it. The reason that I have mentioned earlier, why people think that cholesterol is bad for you and you should avoid it, is because people have been misinformed. If people were taught from early age, that moderate amounts of cholesterol, fatty acids found in butter and oils (MCT Oil in this case) can be healthy and beneficial to your health, people would view them differently. However, fatty acids, cholesterol and other triglycerides are labelled as one thing – FAT and that is something people are trying to avoid.

It takes time and effort to actually dive into these things and research for their benefits, so you can apply them to your own health, unfortunately not everyone is willing to do it. By the way, remember when I spoke about people following the mainstream trends? It fits here perfectly, since it doesn’t require any time and effort to follow something other people are following.



The fats have been neglected for decades and nutritionists alongside with physicians are now coming out with different point of view towards it. There is still a lot of research to be made on fats and their benefits, but current evidence is enough to support the idea of FATS ARE HEALTHY, of course when consumed in moderation. Everything in moderation will definitely be healthy for you, fats are naturally occurring macronutrient in your body and supplementation with fatty acids that can be found in foods is something your body definitely needs in order to be healthy and keep you fit.


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