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Weight loss is simple

The summer is coming and more and more people are trying to get that beach body in order to look good on the beach or just outdoors in general. Nowadays, there are such vast amount of diets, it can be confusing to choose the right one. Despite the market being saturated with eBooks about diets and nutrition plans, most of them seem to work. However, they do not bring the same results for everybody, since not everyone is the same.

Since, there is such a huge amount of information and the the market seems to be saturated with eBooks about diet plans, it seems that weight loss must be really difficult and sophisticated… NOT AT ALL! Complex guidelines and eating specific rare foods, that can be hardly found in supermarkets can actually make your results harder to achieve, for a few reasons:

  • Rare and specific foods can only be found in specific marketplaces.
  • Complex guidelines can bring a confusion.
  • Due to complexity and confusion, you might lose an interest in your diet plan.
  • These eBooks rarely contain any food alternatives.
  • These eBooks and diet plans are bringing you nothing but a label.

Most of these eBooks, talking about specific diet plans, eating regimes are usually revolved around labelling the person in order to fall for the marketed product and be convinced of such product to be outstanding from the rest of the material. Weight loss should not be complex and sophisticated, it should not bring a confusion and should be treated as a friend, rather than a foe.

It is all about the calorie consumption

Weight scale

When losing weight, it is important to be counting your calories. Your calorie consumption is the vital key towards your weight loss and you will not achieve your results by eating too many calories, even if you are on a ‘Juice and Smoothie Diet’. It is important to know how many calories you need to consume throughout the day and add them up to a weekly basis, so you will know how many calories you will need, in order to burn a specific amount of fat.

Fat loss vs weight loss

There is a common misconception about the weight loss. If you are aiming to get your results in a healthy way, you should be considering a fat loss approach, rather than a weight loss. The reason for that is, because fat loss will allow you to preserve the necessary muscle mass and weight loss works by reducing both, the amount of fat and muscle your body holds. There are a lot of drawbacks of a rapid weight loss, including failure of your vital organs and slow metabolism. Aim for a healthy approach, fat loss is a bit slower than weight loss but it is far more healthier choice.

Weight training can help you to lose fatWeight training

There is a myth amongst many people, especially amongst women which states that “Once you start weight training, you will become too big”. Well, it takes years and decades for bodybuilders and fitness athletes to build muscle mass. If you are a beginner in weight training, your results can be very rapid and very quick, as your body is not used to that sort of stress, therefore it needs to compensate itself to be able to sustain such stress, the next time the task (lifting) is carried out. Weight training can help you to lose fat, along with aerobic exercise, such as jogging, walking, yoga, etc. Weight training can help to burn a significant amount of calories, since your body will require a lot of calories to perform the resistance training.

Intermittent fasting for fat loss

Intermittent fasting is a eating pattern, rather than a diet and it can be used every day, in order to lose unnecessary fat. It works by intermittently fasting and eating your meals and consuming your calories in a short eating window and then proceeding to fasting again. It is a great tool and it doesn’t require any strict guidelines to follow, simply you just eat the same amount calories, within a shorter eating window. Whilst you are in a fasted state, you allow your body to use your fat cells for fuel, rather than carbohydrates which should be your aim in the first place – TO BURN FAT.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has become very popular amongst business professionals and people that travel a lot, because it allows you more flexibility and eating 6-10 meals a day, does not become the main priority that your life should be revolving around. Your diet and eating plan should be treated as a tool, not a priority, therefore Intermittent Fasting becomes a great way to fulfil your goal, to achieve your Beach Body. Because you eat the required amount of calories every day, you don’t leave enough time for your body to be breaking down muscle tissue.

This is a very convenient, flexible and easy way to be able to burn fat.

Do not quit

You will not quit

Strict diets and nutrition plans can be very hard to follow and may be hard to follow. Diets can be very demanding and it does require a lot of self-control and if you are a beginner, it can be hard to follow a strict regime. Intermittent fasting allows more flexibility and you can still enjoy your favourite meals in order to lose weight, however this should not be treated as a reason to be eating unhealthy because at the end of the day, quality foods will mean quality results, so you still have to eat healthy foods, consume enough vitamins and minerals in order to stay healthy. Intermittent Fasting should not be treated as a diet, instead it should be treated as an eating pattern, a healthy lifestyle, since it is not harsh and allows more flexibility than most diets.

Marbleous Shape eBook

Marbleous Shape – Sculpt Your Body With Weight Training And Intermittent Fasting is an eBook, designed to help individuals to lose weight with the help of weight training or even to maintain their current weight. Intermittent fasting is very suitable for individuals that are living in a busy schedule lifestyle, because this sort of eating pattern does not require eating small 6-10 meals a day, in order to lose weight.

With the approach, outlined in ‘Marbleous Shape’ eBook you can still lose weight by eating large and satisfying meals!

The reason, why most diets fail is because they are too strict and people tend to give in, due to being unable to sustain such strict regime. The approach towards nutrition and training discussed in this book, will help you to understand that losing weight should not feel like a constant torture, just draining your body to give in at any given chance. The goal of this book is to help you to understand, how your body works and how you can ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS, with Intermittent Fasting And Weight Training.

The eBook emphasises on aspects such as:

  • Weight training.
  • Warm-ups and stretches.
  • Body recovery.
  • Consists of two training routines!
  • Burn fat efficiently.
  • Food list for fat burn.
  • Cheat meals.
  • Supplemental advice.

You can get this eBook on Amazon Kindle and download it on either your E-Reader, Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, Mac, etc… It is compatible with the majority of devices!

Get this eBook by clicking on the picture down below and begin your fat loss journey today!

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