Transformation Tuesday 9/5/17

Happy Transformation Tuesday #Grinders,

So it’s the time to show off the results everyone has been working so hard for! Transformation Tuesday 9/5/17 has already kicked in and I have already shared my transformation picture on Instagram, have you? I have always been that type of guy, who would let his actions speak louder than words, but sharing my transformation pictures has helped me to inspire a lot of people out there.

I get a lot of messages from you guys regarding your own transformations. I really appreciate each and every message as it gives me motivation to keep pushing myself over the limits and inspire you all! I remember, I have started going to the gym only to lose weight, get in a better shape and have some sort of daily activity to do. I have never thought that I would be able to undertake a body transformation, but it has clearly happened to be the best thing in my life!

My body transformation has allowed me to discover the unseen realms of my abilities, get to know myself even more and have an impact on other people. I usually get a lot of messages from different people, asking for advice and I do answer most of them because, I remember when I have started lifting weights, there were no people to help me, I had to do the research myself and apply everything to my body, in order to be able to form the regime, that would be the most suitable for my body type. After long hours of research and application of various training principles and eating patterns, the transformation has occurred. However, transformation is not a one-off thing, it is a very lonely road and it requires a lot of patience, consistency and dedication.

In terms of motivation, I have mentioned this probably a thousand times that it should be coming from within you. You can seek inspiration from other athletes and their pieces of work, but you HAVE to motivate yourself, as you are the only person who is in the full control of your body transformation.

I meet a lot of people on social media, who have been transforming themselves and it creates a sort of a bond between all of us. We are all artists of our own bodies, grinding day in and day out, chasing our dreams of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Have you transformed your body as well? If you have a progress transformation picture and a story to tell, please feel free to do so. Tag me in your posts on your social media or connect with me on social media, the links are down below!

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Here is a link of my body transformation video if you happened to miss out on it:

You can find more information about my Transformation HERE

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