The Vision

The purpose of this blog is to be able to connect with the people out there that share the same mindset. Being 23-years old might seem hard for some out there, but I rarely feel this way. A lot of my peers usually struggle with making decisions about their future, they tend to find themselves confused about what kind of job they will undertake after either graduating from college or university. This is rather an alien feeling for me, since I know what I want to do with my life – I just want to be happy. Happiness may be hard to find for some, but I believe I can find happiness in being free. We are born to be free, therefore we must live our lives this way.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. And it’s because we end up working like slaves for big corporations out there, contributing to someone else’s dream, rather than pursuing our own. That’s how the mechanism of the world works like nowadays and we can’t change it. Ironically speaking, we are taught of how to be slaves our whole lives. We HAVE to go to school, we HAVE to get a degree, we HAVE to get a job, we HAVE to do this and that and we kind of mould this HAVE word into our brain which then becomes very common. It’s not just the word that becomes common, we become common ourselves, we become average.

That’s why I believe that my vision will guide me on how to be myself, be different rather than being average. Like I have mentioned at the beginning, we are born to be free, so we must live our lives that way. Do the things that we enjoy the most, that’s what will bring us the happiness. Refuse to be enslaved by the system and share your own unique ideas to the people that are already thinking average. I clearly know what I want to do, I know where I will be, I know what I will become, my vision is vivid, I wake up with my vision and I go to bed with it, I live it. It might take years or decades for my vision to finally be fulfilled but I would be making a crime against myself if I didn’t pursue it. I HAVE to be different, not common, therefore I have become a slave of my own system. The slave of “The vision”.


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  1. Really Nice Work! Keep it UP, Keep following your words and your way of thinking you got already the major key to make your dreams come true. I am felling inspired!

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