My Changes

Becoming a stronger version of myself which has resulted in my body transformation has indeed influenced the changes of my mindset as well. Fitness has changed my life and me completely. And it’s funny because I am still trying to get acquainted with all the new things that have recently appeared in my life. My life has become full of new experiences, discipline and my focus has become more serious towards my goals. Usually, people thank others for encouraging them to undertake some sort of activity or to make a risky decision that turns out to be beneficial in the end. I would like to thank myself. No one ever needed to tell me that I am meant to lose some weight and start working out, although they did, but that never influenced me in any way.

I still remember myself walking in my living room and talking to myself that I must change for the better. I was convincing myself that if I want to become someone, I must change my attitude towards life and myself in general. Being overweight leads you to low self-esteem and confidence. You see everyone above yourself and you envy their appearance and the same attributes that you’re lacking – confidence. I was telling myself that I must start working out and eating healthy as that will be a huge kick-start towards my journey of becoming a stronger version of myself.  And I’m not even ashamed to say that I was talking to myself, I still do. Talking to myself has led me to undertaking this wonderful journey which has brought so many benefits and new experiences into my life, therefore it must be the greatest discovery of my life!

So what changed me, wasn’t actually the input of another people. It was the input of myself. It was that conversation in the living room with myself, which has shaped my destiny and I will remember this remarkable moment for the rest of my life.

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